Globe Tattoo DSL beats PLDT DSL in price for features

Monday, July 30, 2012

I did a price feature check today and found that Globe is now offering many more features and speed  for the same price for DSL with phone line, You might want to check it out
Globe Tattoo DSL beats PLDT DSL in price for features Get the best home broadband offer for only P1,299/month with speeds of up to 2Mbps.
Unleash the power of high-speed Internet with Tattoo DSL Plan 1299 and enjoy:
• FREE Landline
• FREE 1 Month Speed Boost
• FREE Globe to Globe NDD Calls Forever
• FREE WiFi Router

PLDT UNLIMITED  DSL + Landline + Watchpad Apply Now  PLAN1299
UNLIMITED DSL + Landline + Watchpad
up to 1 MBPS Globe offers up to 2mbps speedFREE 20 TV Channels
FREE PLDT to PLDT NDD calls for 1 year Globe offers lifetime free calls in their networkFREE 30mins ID-DSL Callers Package to USA, Hawaii, Guam, China, Canada, Hongkong, Singapore or Thailand. Just add Php99.00/month
- Installation Fee of only Php1,100.00
- Modem for only Php1,200.00 or through monthly installment scheme. Globe offers free in their plan

Group accuses Globe of using data cap to hide network problems

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ayala-led Globe Telecom is merely using Internet volume data capping, through the imposition of a “fair use policy”, to hide problems in network capacity, a consumer group said in a statement.
TxtPower, through its president Ian Anthony Cruz, branded Globe’s move as deceptive and should be investigated by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).  Read the whole article here
For sure Globe wants to cram more customers in its network to make more money instead of blaming the customers using their advertised unlimited or has the definition of unlimited changed? Why dont they just state upfront its no longer unlimited and give the cap and speed they guarantee?

Globe pushes responsible internet use but doesn't change their ads for unlimited internet?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

  What Globe wants is for each of us to use the internet less in this environment of expanding explosion of information.  They want their big profits without expanding their networks to prevent all of us to benefit with the many new internet applications.  Consumer groups have said that companies should invest to bolster their networks instead of penalizing users.  click here to read complete article

Globe PowerSurf15: Php15 for 60 minutes

Friday, April 1, 2011

Globe has also introduced a new per minute bucket pricing for their mobile 3G called PowerSurf (as opposed to the unlimited SuperSurf). Rate starts at Php15 per 60 minutes (1 hour) but goes down to Php10 per hour for larger buckets.
Php15 for 60 minutes (expires in 1 day) – text PowerSurf15 to 8888
Php30 for 180 minutes (expires in 1 day) – text PowerSurf30 to 8888
Php50 for 300 minutes (expires in 3 days) – text PowerSurf50 to 8888
You need to have Php1 minimum load for PowerSurf15 and Php5 minimum load for PowerSurf30 and PowerSurf50 to activate this. It’s just a promo though and only lasts until June 30 this year 

Globe Telecom Philippines APN phone internet Settings:

Friday, October 29, 2010

For those that want to use Globe internet here are the sPN settings for your phone or device

Name: myGlobe Internet
APN: or or
port: 8080
APN type: internet

PHILIPPINES Mobile 3G is now cheaper than DSL!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Via Yugatech blog:  Let’s look at how much a 1Mbps to 3Mbps residential DSL costs nowadays:
PLDT myDSL 2Mbps: Php1,995 (DSL only)
Globe Broadband 2Mbps: Php1,995 (DSL w/ free Landline)
Bayan DSL 1.5Mbps: Php1,699
Sky Broadband 2Mbps: Php1,999
The sky broadband speed listed above is for non-skycable subscriber, if you are a skycable user, it is 3Mbps..

Now let’s look at a rundown of unlimited mobile 3G by the networks and see if the prices are cheaper or not:
Sun Wireless Broadband 2Mbps – Php799
SmartBro Plug-It 2Mbps – Php999
Globe Tattoo 2Mbps – Php1,200

Comments in Yugatech blog

Well, it is true that they are cheaper but if you put in reliability and consistency into the mix, I’d still pay for a fix line.  It is very inconsistent and not as reliable as a wired connection. There’s lot of capping policies even though Telcos do not admit this directly to its customers.  ..........been using both a wired and wireless DSL and I should say that my wired one never fails as often and gives a consistent connection.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

FREE Globe Advisory: This Christmas, get in touch with your loved ones wherever they are in the world with Globe Super Surf. Chat, blog, email , and surf all you want, now for only Php1,200/month.

To know more, call 211 (toll-free using Globe mobile number) or visit any Globe Store.

With Globe Super Surf, you can be online all the time on your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop and get unlimited internet access to surf, email, chat and blog without worrying about your bill!

Globe’ Super Surf used to be Php2,000 per month so the Php1,200 price decrease is like 40% off. Not sure though if this is just a promo for the holidays or a permanent one.

Read all the Globe promos and news here

SMART has lowered its price on USB unlimited surfing on its plug it to P999 24 month lock in period

and for cell phones unlimited surfing is now P1,200 for 30 days on your cell phone  UNLI Surf Plan is the unlimited mobile internet service offering from SMART

SUN also has a P50 a day unlimited internet which is a real bargain with no lock in period just load and use.