PHILIPPINES Mobile 3G is now cheaper than DSL!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Via Yugatech blog:  Let’s look at how much a 1Mbps to 3Mbps residential DSL costs nowadays:
PLDT myDSL 2Mbps: Php1,995 (DSL only)
Globe Broadband 2Mbps: Php1,995 (DSL w/ free Landline)
Bayan DSL 1.5Mbps: Php1,699
Sky Broadband 2Mbps: Php1,999
The sky broadband speed listed above is for non-skycable subscriber, if you are a skycable user, it is 3Mbps..

Now let’s look at a rundown of unlimited mobile 3G by the networks and see if the prices are cheaper or not:
Sun Wireless Broadband 2Mbps – Php799
SmartBro Plug-It 2Mbps – Php999
Globe Tattoo 2Mbps – Php1,200

Comments in Yugatech blog

Well, it is true that they are cheaper but if you put in reliability and consistency into the mix, I’d still pay for a fix line.  It is very inconsistent and not as reliable as a wired connection. There’s lot of capping policies even though Telcos do not admit this directly to its customers.  ..........been using both a wired and wireless DSL and I should say that my wired one never fails as often and gives a consistent connection.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

FREE Globe Advisory: This Christmas, get in touch with your loved ones wherever they are in the world with Globe Super Surf. Chat, blog, email , and surf all you want, now for only Php1,200/month.

To know more, call 211 (toll-free using Globe mobile number) or visit any Globe Store.

With Globe Super Surf, you can be online all the time on your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop and get unlimited internet access to surf, email, chat and blog without worrying about your bill!

Globe’ Super Surf used to be Php2,000 per month so the Php1,200 price decrease is like 40% off. Not sure though if this is just a promo for the holidays or a permanent one.

Read all the Globe promos and news here

SMART has lowered its price on USB unlimited surfing on its plug it to P999 24 month lock in period

and for cell phones unlimited surfing is now P1,200 for 30 days on your cell phone  UNLI Surf Plan is the unlimited mobile internet service offering from SMART

SUN also has a P50 a day unlimited internet which is a real bargain with no lock in period just load and use.

How To Boost Globe Tattoo 3G Signal

Thursday, December 17, 2009

This guide on how to boost your Globe Tattoo will make your Globe Tattoo Broadband internet speed faster. Learn how to look for a stronger Globe Tattoo 3G connection for a better surfing experience.

How to boost your Globe Tattoo broadband 3G signal

Insert your Globe Tattoo Broadband stick to a USB port.
On the user interface, go to Tools > Options > Network > Network Type and then choose WCDMA Only.
Why do you have to do that?

Default network setting is WCDMA Preferred. When in WCDMA Preferred, the USB dongle can shift between GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA signals. If your Globe Tattoo Broadband consistently receives 3G signals, adjust the default network setting to get better speeds and stability.
Adjust the Default Network Setting from “WCDMA Preferred” to “WCDMA Only.” When the Default Network Setting is in “WCDMA Only,” the dongle will only shift between 3G and HSDPA signals thus giving you better broadband speeds and signal stability.

Once you shift between settings, the dongle will automatically detect the available signals based on the setting you opted for.
On WCDMA Only, USB dongle defaults to 3G/HSDPA signals only.
On WCDMA preferred, USB dongle will search for either GPRS, EDGE, 3G or HSDPA, whichever proves to be the strongest signal available in the area.
Access Point Name (APN)

Wrong APN Settings will not allow you to connect to the internet using your Globe Tattoo Broadband.
Default APN for postpaid:
Default APN for Prepaid:

Source: Globe Tattoo YOUniverse


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I saw this today on Sulit:  BRAND NEW GLOBE TATTOO MOBILE BROADBAND OPEN LINE ALREADY  I recommend that everyone get their USB SUN or Globe Tattoo unlocked so you can use on any service including SMART and get an antenna to put outside as this usb allows an antenna to be attached.  Read more here at my blog on open line and settings you put for Globe, Smart, Sun to get faster speeds and save money.
 This price is a bargain as you pay SUN P899 and Globe the same for locked and you also get free load on this offer below.  Check it out and gift someone for Christmas.    850 PESOS ONLY  Read the details here at my Philippine Bargain of the Day


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1.  How to configure ordinary Sun or Globe or Smart sim to Sun or Globe or Smart internet sim?
2.  Unlocked E160 Settings for SUN, SMART, GLOBE to enter in your unlocked USB
3.  Share your USB with your whole house ROUTER
4.  Get a external antenna for your USB Smart, Globe or SUN plug it
6.  Globe tattoo unlocked, SUN USN unlocked, SMART BRO plug it unlocked

Go to my blog here

Helpful tips so that you can use your Globe Tattoo Broadband more effectively

  1. Check if your area is included in the HSDPA listing. This will save you a lot of frustrations and calling up the customer service from time to time. As a reference of the variable internet speeds depending on the signal.
  2. If you're going to be spending several hours just browsing or downloading media, it's better to set your browsing status to Time-based. The setting for all Globe Tattoo SIMS by default is Time-based. You will be charged Php5.00 for 15 minutes.
  3. If you're just going to quickly check an email or a site, set your browsing status to a "Per-KB" browsing. You will be charged only 15 centavos per kilobyte. To switch from Time-based to Per-KB browsing just text KB to 1111 using your Globe Tattoo SIM.
  4. To check your default browsing, text STATUS to 1111.

What is the Globe Tattoo default APN?

Monday, December 7, 2009

What is the default APN?
For Postpaid:
For Prepaid:

how to check your Globe Tattoo balance:

how to check your Globe Tattoo balance:
  • From the Globe Tattoo user interface, click the TEXT button > New > Send BAL to 222.
Globe Tattoo Balance
Also, to get the most value from your prepaid or postpaid Globe Tattoo service, just text TIME to 1111 using your Globe Tattoo SIM.

Globe Tattoo special DNS for faster connection

Friday, December 4, 2009

Here's how to fix a Globe Tattoo connection problem with DNS and to make Globe Tattoo wireless broadband internet even faster.

Plug your Globe Tattoo to your computer. Let the interface display in full and do not connect immediately.

Click Tools and select Options.  Continue reading the details here

Globe Tattoo is the fastest mobile broadband ? & Set your Globe Tattoo wireless broadband USB to 3G only

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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