Monday, September 14, 2009

Also the Globe USB Tattoo may also be able to have an antenna added to make better reception outside. You can also add a USB cord from CDRKing so you can stick the usb out the window to get better range. Check my blog on the SMART bro USB noted in this posting to get the details on the antenna to buy and where and also the extension cable from CDR King.

UNLOCK You can get the SUN or Globe modem which is and get it unlocked on SULIT and then use it with SMART as well as it has a plug in for an antenna which would definitely increase your signal if placed near a window or buy the antenna panel from the link below which will plug into the plug it from SUN. Go to sulit and search unlock SUN


side view of the USB stick with concealed slot for a micro-SD card and socket for an external antenna

side view of the USB stick with concealed slot for a micro-SD card and socket for an external antenna

EXTERNAL ANTENNA SUN uses the HUAWEI E160 and it has a connection on side for an external antenna which is nice. You can get unlocked at http://www.sulit.com.ph/ just type E160 unlock and you will get the instructions how to load the sign it details for SUN, SMART or Globe after it is unlocked. I have tested the service and it works. Onlline chatter says Globe uses the same HUAWEI E160 usb modem and if so you can again get it unlocked for service with any provider from the source at sulit above and also it has an external antenna connection to allow you to use an external antenna to increase your signal which is badly needed.

Learn more about unlocking this Tattoo here for use also with SMART and SUN


You can get an external antenna plug and antenna panel here

roughclaw YM http://roughclaw.com/Products--and--Services.php
RCA-RFC001-01 (Top)

CDR King has a nice extension cord to extend your usb cord out the window to get a better signal, and it has a booster built in too

USB extension cables at CDRKing under cable accessories usb http://www.cdrking.com/


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